We just made your hunt ultralight and hassle free


Tired of carrying a heavy tripod through oak brush? We were.

 Don’t leave your next hunt up to chance, shed weight while carrying more utility than ever.

Made by hunters for hunters, the 18 ounce MTN STICK gets you to your destination with more time and energy to explore.

In as little as 15 seconds it transforms into a tripod for glassing with your favorite spotting scope or binoculars or take your trophy


The hands free binocular method optimizes your visual clarity by eliminating free handing binoculars for hours.

No more cold hands or shaking images during long glassing sessions.

Ultralight Hunting Tripod


The MMD or Micro Motion Device is our patent pending mount allowing for micro adjustments for windage and elevation. 

Following your game at distance is now childs play.  By just simple rotation of a knob centering and following your target has never been easier.

The Backcountry Hunting Package includes The MTN Stick, The MMD, Binocular Mount and more. It has everything you need to shed your unessicary weight and get to the trophy you couldnt before

Don’t lose your target while you are spotting. The MMD makes it easy to follow any target for an efficient spotting experience.

Check out your new favorite piece of hunting gear! The ultimate customizable hunting tool is a click away.