Our uniquely designed tent allows backpackers to use their MTN STICK to set up, and you only need one!



Leave the Tent Poles Home

The MTN STICK houses additional poles inside of the main shaft. In as little as 15 seconds the trekking pole can be transformed into a tripod.

The Col Mountain Tech team found a unique opportunity to bring our customers more lightweight gear in the form of a tent


Bivouac 1.5

 Weighing in at just over 2lbs, The Bivouac 1.5 is a luxurious 1.5 man tent, created with desire to make the ultimate ultralight shelter.

Bivouac 1.5 uses a unique A-Frame design created by The MTN STICK  to pitch a fully enclosed and floored shelter. This is not a tarp tent!


Get an indepth look into The Bivouac 1.5 in our full length instructional video

The MTN Stick and Bivouac 1.5 are bundled together with the Helium Package, the ultimate ultralight kit.

Our line of tents are built for those ready for the next step in lightweight exploration. Check out our line of rents below.

Explore The MTN STICK specs and see how it can lighten your pack.