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The MTN STICK is a unique tool that combines a tripod and trekking pole. It is perfect for ultralight  hunters, photographers, and backpackers. Weighing only 18 ounces it is both the lightest and most versatile tripod for the modern outdoorsman. The MTN STICK will get you there by taking weight off your back and adding room in your pack.

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The MTN STICK is design for customizing.  Each individual has different needs.  We anticipated the more popular needs and added these accessories in each box.  Using your imagination can give you a unique tool that can improve you experience and safety in the wild.  The design provide unparalleled strength endurance and utility. This is a multi tool for the outdoor enthusiast.
Each MTN Stick comes with -
  • The MTN Stick
  • Optional carbide trekking pole tip can be attached
  • Optional  atraumatic rubber tip
  • Powder Snow Basket
  • Hard Snow Basket
  • Optics Platform
  • 2 1/4-20 D-ring Screws
Specs -
  • Weight 17.5 oz
  • Working tripod load - 40lbs
  • Machined 6061 Aluminum and anodized for long life
  • Col Mountain Tech Custom  adjustable Clamp
  • Extendable shaft makes for easy adjustments between 36 and 55 inches total length.
  • Robust Aluminum Tip that can be use alone or the carbide rubber tip may be glued on
  • 100% Carbon poles
  • EVA foam handle and EVA foam piston for silent travel.
  • Adjustable strap
Backpackers, hunters, and photographers will see this as a game changer. The versatility of this product will keep expanding with more product development. Join the team and explore what the MTN Stick can do for you. See our YouTube page for detailed product information and setup for the MTN STICK

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 36 in

6 reviews for The MTN STICK

  1. Todd Cook

    This is the most innovative product for outdoor adventuring I’ve acquired in 30 years. It’s your tent and your tripod and and your long range antenna and your trekking poles all in one. The weight savings for back pack trips is a game changer. The long range antenna is better than my truck mounted antenna and has saved my dogs by giving me the ability to see them approaching highways and calling them off before they get hit by cars. I have almost 1000 miles on my pair and they are going strong! I never venture into the serious outdoors without them.

  2. S. Olsen

    I enjoy the outdoors, especially when I’m able to use quality gear. We are in the golden age of gear innovation and these sticks manifest this. They are top quality and fill many of my needs which save space, weight, and time. I had a severe knee injury what skiing a few year ago, so now, more then ever, rely on my sticks for added stability. I trust these sticks. Similar to advancements in skis, boots, and other outdoor gear, good gear makes a significant difference by improving utility and performance.

    I use my gear and expect it to perform. These sticks are my go to. Thanks Col Mountain Tech!

  3. Rocky Gibson

    Over a decade in the making. It’s been engaging to watch the evolution. The level of detail and thought that has gone into every component of the Mtn Stick and all the accessories is the from pure testing and experience. This is where it counts and what makes it so useful. The do it all stick for the professional mountaineer, backpacker or general outdoor loving hobbyist.

  4. Kim

    I’m taking this to Zimbabwe South Africa, Turkey and Europe. It travels so well when taken down. I use it to take excellent photographs of my family. It’s nice to use the photo bomb with it. That way I can take pictures anytime with everyone….no one is left out of the memory. Nice conversation maker, so many are curious when I deploy it. . It’s super fun to hike with, strong, durable, good looking and helps me keep my kids in line😉. I love it and highly recommended you get one.

  5. Dave Clements

    Love the Mountain Stick!
    I have knee problems that increase with hiking and fatigue. My mountain stick is so light and strong to support my weight when I hike. It’s also an amazing tri-pod to hold my phone/camera for that perfect selfie or group picture. We were able to include everyone in the shot! I’m actually considering a second one!
    I’m also, excited about adding the tent. This is real innovation for light weight, durable outdoor equipment. I plan to use this for years and years!

  6. Dave Clements

    I’ve had my MTN STICK for a full season now. I won’t hike without it! This is by far the best quality walking stick on the market. I get a lot of inquiries on the trail especially when utilizing the tri-pod feature.
    I’m excited about adding the tent this season! This is real innovation for light weight, durable outdoor equipment. I plan to use this for years and years!

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