Go farther and get the better shot on your next adventure. Let us show you how.

The MTN Stick is an ultralight trekking pole that houses two adjustable carbon fiber poles. In as little as 15 seconds the inner poles can be removed and you can set up a functional tripod.

Get the shot no one else can

Weighing only 18 ounces, The MTN Stick lightens your pack and gets you where you can get that beautiful shot you couldnt get before.

There is no reason to carry a heavy tripod when you can go further with The MTN Stick.


Stop balancing your phone on a rock or tree to get the group photo.  The Photo Bomb is a lightweight cellphone adapter that can attach to trees, rocks, bicycle seats to get the great group photo.

Everything the modern photographer needs to travel ultra light and get the shots no one else can. Includes The MTN Stick and The Photo Bomb

Get everyone in the photo with the Photo Bomb. The lightweight solution to amazing group photos.

Check out the specs for The MTN Stick and jump start your next adventure