Your hunting tripod, tent poles, and Trekking Pole is one super lightweight all-in-one tool

Lets Be Honest

We can’t keep those trophies from being jumpy, but we can give you an easy way to lighten your gear, so you can travel quicker and quieter over rough terrain. 

Savvy hunters know they can gain up to 5% more speed for every pound of backpack weight they lose. That means you can be 25% faster when you leave your 5 pound tripod at home.


But don’t panic, to replace your energy zapping tripod, we created the 3-in-1 ultra-light MTN STICK to provide a stable platform for glassing and shooting, plus it can replace your tent poles. 

Then, when your trophy is on the move, the hideaway legs fit quickly and snugly into the ultra-light carbon fiber trekking pole.

Going Head to Head

Carbon fiber tripods are quickly becoming a MUST for hunters who are serious about competing for the trophy.

Don’t waste any more time, money, and energy on poor gear that weighs you down. Try what many have called, “the most innovative tripod & trekking pole in the last 30 years.”

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our premium products.


All-in-one Tool!

Asking the common question, “What is the best hunting tripod?” led you here. Our patented technology has answered that question for hundreds of serious hunters.

When you carry heavy and dated gear, you significantly reduce your performance. Take stress out of your hunt with the THE MTN STICK


The MTN STICK is a unique tool that combines a tripod and trekking pole. It is perfect for ultralight  hunters, photographers, and backpackers. Weighing only 18 ounces it is both the lightest and most versatile tripod for the modern outdoorsman. The MTN STICK will get you there by taking weight off your back and adding room in your pack.

Stock is running low! Supply chains are currently slow so order soon or you will have to wait for the next batch!

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