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Why carry your tent poles ? The bivouac 1.5 is a luxurious 1.5 man tent that only utilizes one mountain stick for set up. The combination of single and double wall technology, minimize or eliminate condensation.
Setting up in less than a minute, the Bivouac is a low profile tent that gives you an advantage during inclement weather. You can open it for a breeze or close it  up depending on your needs. The vestibule at the front is accessible from the inside and outside of the tent. This makes gear storage and accessibility very convenient. The vestibule has two bungees that allow for a curtain effect  increasing ventilation with the pull of a cord from inside or outside. Comes in Shale Grey and Olive Green.

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  • Tent weight 2 lbs 1 oz.
  • 15 D nylon silicone impregnated 4500 mm waterproof rating
  • 21 ft.² on the floor fits an individual as tall as 6 ft 9 inches
  • Two people can fit in this tent uncomfortably in a pinch.
  • Packing size. 7 “wide 10.5 “tall  4 “deep

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 8 in

Olive drab, Shale Grey

3 reviews for Bivouac 1.5

  1. Todd Cook

    The bivouac 1.5 tent that utilizes the mountain stick poles as its internal support is absolutely awesome. It weighs next to nothing. It’s compact and fits into a 10th of the space in my backpack compared to my old tent ,poles and rain fly. The bivouac 1.5 tent does that by utilizing the mountain stick poles as its frame and is absolutely awesome. It weighs nothing. It’s compact. It’s sturdy and easy and intuitive to set up. It allows me access to country by decreasing weight that I never used to be able to get into and overall it extends my range by about 20% by allowing me to carry extra food, water and optics weight that I used to be carrying in tent and tripod weight (my mountain sticks trekking poles are my tent poles and tripod and with Cole Mtn MMD tripod head I can securely attach a 115 Swarovski ATX and glass all day). This tent and pole system are benefiting me the most in high altitude high Alpine hunting because of the reduced weight of everything. I’ve been able to carry more food and water and better optics and stay on the mountain longer. It’s a three season tent that I’ve used as a Four season tent and done well. It sets up easily in less than five minutes even in adverse weather conditions and it’s sturdy. I don’t know how I survived without my bivouac 1.5 tent and my mountain sticks.

  2. Ken K

    I originally got the MTN stick for hunting and used my normal bivy sack for shelter. After Col Mountain Tech introduced their bivouac tent I will not go back. Ive been able to test the tent 4 nights so far. Each night has been a true test with cold temps and either snow or sleet. I can’t speak highly enough of the ventilation options this ivy provides. It’s easy to set up and has much better ventilation than any bivy I have used. My 9 year old daughter was jealous and joined me one night. It’s cozy for two, but luxurious one man bivy. The low profile makes it stable in high winds. The tent is a breeze to set up. I was impressed by the weight. The other huge addition to this tent compared to other bivy sacks is the large vestibule which allowed me to keep my gear dry despite the wet weather.
    Well done on this tent! very happy with its performance, weight and overall construction.

  3. Mark Thomas

    I was able to test out the new two person tent that goes with the mountain stick. Took it with my wife and kids into the Canadian Rockies and loved it. My wife was a little skeptical at first but after seeing how easy it was to set up with the mountain stick and how roomy it was for the two of us she was all in. We loved the vestibules on each end for shoes and packs. The zippers are placed in really great spots so you can zip and unzip the fly while still laying in your bag to get a great view of the stars. Super light weight and durable. We were super impressed and are just waiting for the 2 person version to come on sale to purchase one…possibly 2.

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