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This is the perfect package for the fast packer or anyone wanting to add comfort and convince while still shedding weight. When you buy The Helium Package you further expand your capability for exploration, allowing for you to go further than ever before.

Let us know in the purchase comments which color Bivouac you would prefer.

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1 review for Helium Package

  1. Jeffrey Poulsen

    I heard about the MTN Stick some time ago and thought it was ingenious. I’m a minimalist at heart and am always looking for ways to pear down on necessary gear. And not just when backpacking; I love finding the “do it all” solutions for everything I do.

    I finally picked up the MTN Stick and bivouac 1.5 and haven’t looked back.

    The MTN stick itself is solid. And the accessories are great. I have the photo bomb which allows me to set up for photos without having to find a rock or something to prop my phone against.

    The MTN stick and bivouac set up quickly. There is a slight learning curve, but after two or three times you can be set up in less than two minutes. The bivouac has plenty of room for me and my gear. This is a great buy!

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