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Our tarp has been specially made to be longer and wider than the standard tarp yet keeping its weight to a minimum. Made from 15 D nylon silicone impregnated measuring 9 1/2″ x 13″  this is a robust extra long waterproof shield for you to cover your nylon tent in extreme weather or your mesh tent. it has enough room to cover the tent and allow for a area to sit outside your tent and cook without being in the rain.
Used in combination with the StarRider provides an incredible condensation free camping experience even when it rains. Each tiedown is equipped with a ABS guyline tensioner this prevents entanglement of the guidelines when stored or deployed. Also provides excellent tensioning for a solid tarp experience. This tent tarp is a must for some ultralight convenience and protection

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  1. York McLane

    Col Mountain Tech got it right with this one. I used the Star Rider and CMT tarp together last week in Texas. Rained super heavy one day and wet the rest of the week. We had one nice day. Happy to report that for the first time ever I was dry inside and out. No condensation! Breezy but dry. Woke up to a massive black widow spider on the roof but couldn’t get into me. Dry n safe in the lightest combo of my outdoor career!!! Thanks Col Mountain Tech. Keep making awesome stuff!

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